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Why a Blog?

10 November 2019

What better way to start off a blog than a post explaining why I want to have a one in the first place?

TL;DR: because I want to have one, for myself.

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The What

Life goes by fast and time gets exchanged for experiences, memories, and (hopefully) knowledge.

I want to start keeping a record of these exchanges - maybe not each and every thing, but I would definitely like to have a place to express and share thoughts, experiences, and my life in general.

Writing can be an impetus for reflection - my hope is that through writing, I can focus on a specific topic and gather my thoughts about it into something cohesive.

When I can write things down in a manner that’s understandable to other people, then I’ve probably made some sense of it myself.

If someone else happens to find it interesting or useful, that’s really great. If not, that’s fine too. At this point, it’s mainly for me.

Beyond the writing, I also see this medium as a form of artistic expression. It’s the main representation of myself on the internet. A place where I wholly create and own the creative content.

Having an internet presence spread across various social media platforms might be ok, but it’s something I have been feeling less and less comfortable with. Hopeully having a blog will alleviate some of that.

The What Not

Please do not interpet any opinions or content shared here as those of my employer, family, friends, etc. The blame for any controversial content should be mine and mine alone.

To take that even a step further - I myself am a work in progress. Just because I have a thought and write it down does’t mean it’s my final thought on the matter.

Finally, I am not declaring myself to be an expert on a topic just because I write a post on said topic. If you think I post something totally inaccurate, though - let’s discuss!

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